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Today’s marketing tools are more advanced than ever. And while these solutions bring great opportunities for your tax firm, most carry a steep learning curve as well. Thankfully, there are plenty of simple marketing technologies your firm can use to attract and retain clients in the coming year. Let’s explore some of those resources today—along with some tips on how to put them to work for your tax firm in 2020. 

1. Social Media Platforms

Did you know that Facebook has over 2.41 billion monthly active users today? Many of your current (and future) clients use this platform to keep in touch with the people and businesses they like. So if you haven’t built a business Facebook page for your firm yet, now’s the perfect time to start

Don’t worry too much about setting up your business Facebook page: the platform will lead you through each step. Just be sure to include all the essential information on your firm so clients can find and connect with you easily. List your address, office hours, contact information, and a bit of key information on your team members to help introduce your firm. After that, you can start focusing on building posts and conversing with your audience!

Remember, it’s not enough to regularly post content to your social channels; you’ll need to provide real value to earn attention from your clients and prospective clients. Fortunately, social media platforms are the perfect tools for keeping your clients informed and prepared for tax season. Try weaving in some posts on relevant tax content throughout the year to keep clients engaged. Here are a few examples of valuable social media content to inspire you:

  • Updates on changing tax laws
  • Tax preparation tips
  • Short videos on tax topics
  • Seasonal tax advice

Looking for an easier way to manage social media for your firm? Mostad Marketing Cloud can save you time and stress by creating social media content and posting it for you. This simple cloud-based marketing tool is a great way to reach more people online—and generate more leads on social media platforms

2. Client Referral Tools

Referrals are incredibly valuable for tax and accounting firms. This is especially true for smaller firms. Thankfully, there are a few simple technologies you can use to increase the number of referrals you receive year over year! Here’s the rundown: 

Referral email templates make it easy to send friendly, personalized messages that catch the attention of clients and generate more referrals. Instead of building individual emails for each prospect, you can simply plug their information into a template and press send! 

Here are a few important tips to consider as you’re sending out your referral emails:

  • Be sure to generate great results for a client before sending
  • Schedule your emails between 9-11 am and 3-5 pm to boost open rates
  • Avoid sending emails over the weekend to avoid low engagement

Technology tools like the Mostad Marketing Cloud also allow you to add custom offers or incentives to drive more referrals. You can even use Mostad Marketing Cloud to automatically schedule these referral emails to be sent throughout the year. Visit us online for more details. 

3. Online Video Marketing

According to research from Aberdeen Group, marketers using video get up to 66% more qualified leads per year. Through video marketing, you can quickly bring your clients up to speed on relevant changes in an engaging, entertaining way—while generating more leads for your firm!

Video marketing can also help build trust with potential clients—and ensure they recognize your firm as an industry expert. Here are some guidelines to follow if you’re thinking about using video to support your firm:

  • Use video advertisements to promote your firm to new clients
  • Use educational videos to keep prospects & current clients updated on tax changes
  • Include a call to action (CTA) at the end of every video so viewers know what to do next

Video marketing for accounting is all about sharing short, meaningful stories with your audience. You don’t need award-winning quality; just focus on creating content that speaks to common challenges or questions your clients have. Your firm can also use these videos across other marketing channels—including social media, email, or on-site in your lobby! 

If you want to make video marketing simple, be sure to check out the Mostad Marketing Cloud. We offer a wide range of pre-made videos to educate your clients and promote your firm—including videos that advertise your firm that automatically post to social media for you!

Elevate Your Firm with Mostad Marketing Cloud

Want to learn more about Mostad Marketing Cloud and how it can position your firm for success in 2020? Then sign up for a free demo today! We’d be happy to walk you through the different tools, tactics, and results our platform can unlock for your business. We can also give you a rundown on marketing cloud pricing vs. impact to help you decide whether it’s a smart investment for your firm. 
Finally, be sure to connect with us online if you have any questions about the technologies we’ve discussed today—and how to incorporate them into your firm’s day-to-day marketing. We’re always happy to help.