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With tax season just around the corner, many firms are stepping up their marketing to spread awareness and re-engage clients. But with so many marketing tools and tactics available today, it can be tough to decide which will work best for your firm. So today, let’s walk through a few fast and simple ways you can promote your firm⁠—and keep clients lining up throughout the 2019 tax season. 

1. Automate Your Marketing

Marketing is complicated, especially if you’re publishing content across email, social media, your website, and other platforms. Thankfully, there are some handy tools you can use to automate these actions—giving you more time to prep for tax season instead of bouncing between repetitive tasks. 

With the help of marketing automation tools like Mostad Marketing Cloud, your firm can save time with automatic emails, social media posts, and content updates for your tax website. Marketing automation is a great way to deliver content for your current and future clients more consistently—while freeing up your schedule for more billable hours.

2. Update Your Email Campaigns

Many tax firms use newsletters and email campaigns to keep in touch with clients. Unfortunately, it takes more than an occasional newsletter to keep clients engaged and coming back each year. For the best results this tax season, you’ll need to be strategic with your email marketing campaigns. Here are a few handy tips to get you on the right track:

  • Send relevant newsletters to your clients: Do you have a mix of clients, like individual taxpayers and small business owners? Separate them into different mailing lists and send tailored newsletters that are relevant to their needs.
  • Consistency is key: Send your emails and content at consistent times so your audience will know when to expect it.
  • Provide value: Don’t write content for its own sake; every email you send should solve a problem or provide a useful piece of information. 

Above all, make sure your emails look, read, and feel personal to your clients. Splitting your clients into different segments based on their needs can help with this, as can putting a personal touch into your emails through personalization. Small details like that can go a very long way towards engaging recipients—and encouraging them to open your messages. 

Mostad Marketing Cloud is one of the easiest ways to manage your firm’s email campaigns. We offer expertly written newsletters for your different client segments—and automatically send them for you to reach clients and prospects.

3. Take Advantage of Video

According to research from Wyzowl, video helps up to 76% of businesses increase traffic to their website! Online video is one of the most powerful ways to earn attention and business from clients today, especially when used across your social media channels. 

Here are a few notes to help guide your video marketing efforts:

  • Quality always trumps quantity; keep your content relevant & valuable
  • Video is the perfect way to address universal questions & concerns
  • Remember to post your video content across email, social media, & your website

Don’t have time to create videos for your marketing pushes? No problem; you can also look into client video services like TaxVid. This unique part of the Mostad Marketing Cloud includes a huge library of educational videos on various tax topics—all customized with your firm’s colors, logo, and contact info. No matter the route you take, video marketing is a perfect way to engage, educate, and entertain your clients.

4. Push for Online Reviews

According to a 2018 study from BrightLocal, 86% of consumers read reviews for local businesses. Prospective clients also need to read several positive reviews (ten on average) before feeling comfortable enough to trust your business. So if your firm is lacking in online reviews, now’s the perfect time to push for more.

Thankfully, getting started with online reviews doesn’t have to be a hassle. The trick is to solicit client feedback using personal requests. In many cases, something as small as a thank-you note that asks for a review (after a great meeting) is all it takes to earn a glowing review. With enough of these, your firm can boost its online profile, improve SEO, and attract more clients for tax season!

Mostad Marketing Cloud is another tool your firm can use to get more online reviews. Our platform makes it easy to automatically ask your clients for online reviews across Google My Business, Nextdoor, and Facebook.

Revamp Your Marketing with Mostad Marketing Cloud

Ready to learn more about Mostad Marketing Cloud and how this powerful tool can help your firm? Then be sure to schedule a free demo today! Our cloud-based marketing platform is a great way to bring clients in at tax season—and keep them engaged year-round with tax tips, social media posts, accounting news articles, and more. 
Be sure to reach out online if you’d like more detailed information on different CPA marketing solutions—or need guidance on how to optimize your marketing and tax website for 2020. We’d love to hear from you.