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Talking about the benefits of content marketing with buzz phrases like “increasing awareness” or “building your brand” is well and good (and true!), but what does it specifically accomplish for your tax firm? Here are five outcomes your content marketing strategy should achieve for your accounting practice:

  1. Establishes yourself as a year-round advisor. Quality content, delivered throughout the year, will transition your clients from seeing you as a seasonal service to regarding you as their year-round tax-planning advisor. By frequently engaging with your clients on a perpetual basis, loyalty to your firm will grow, and client retention will increase. This approach keeps your firm top-of-mind when clients have situations arise where you can help.

  2. Creates interest and generates business. You care about your clients. You want them to lead successful lives and use every advantage available to them. So how do you communicate your desire to help and highlight areas that require attention? When your firm distributes articles with headlines like “6 Tips for a Faster Refund” and “Keys to Creating a Satisfying Retirement,” you put your concern for your client and your expertise on display. This combination deepens your client’s confidence in you and shows prospective clients the value you can provide — both of these outcomes lead to more business.

  3. Saves you time. As an accountant, time is one of your most precious commodities. Content marketing is a great way to protect it. When tax law changes happen or a due date approaches, sending an article to all your clients that offers easy-to-understand information will cut down on the phone calls and emails. By creating a baseline of knowledge, your client discussions can skip over the dry details of the tax code and focus on strategic application and planning.

  4. Makes tax season easier. Pop quiz! Which client would you rather work with? Client A is mindful of deadlines and keeps organized records. Client B likes to wait until the last second and has a filing system that includes grocery bags. Obviously, you want all of them to be like Client A! In reality, every accountant has a mix of both. However, by keeping clients informed and on track throughout the year, you can convert some of your Client Bs to Client As to make for a more manageable tax season.

  5. Be the trusted source of news and information. Whether it’s a website, TV channel, or person on social media, we all have our go-to sources for news and analysis. With content marketing, you can be that trusted source of tax information for your clients! Once you gain their trust, timely articles and social media posts create a new channel for referrals — when a newsworthy item drops, your clients will start sharing your content with friends and family.

You can launch your content marketing plan with the Mostad Marketing Cloud. Our online platform is designed to provide quality tax articles, useful tips, and social media posts in a language your client understands. And with our automated distribution technology, ongoing communication with your clients is simple.

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