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Growing your small tax firm online can be overwhelming, especially if you’re creating and publishing your own client content. That’s partly why it’s so difficult for small tax firms to excel on the web: limited time and resources. Thankfully, with the right digital marketing tools and tactics, you can promote your practice more efficiently—and stop working so late into the night. Here’s a basic guide on building your small firm’s presence online:

Step 1: Define Your Marketing Goals

It’s crucial to set realistic goals for your digital marketing. This step will help you choose the right tactics to reach them, while ensuring you stay within your budget. For the best results, you’ll need to define SMART goals: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. 

Specific: What will this marketing accomplish for your firm?

Measurable: What metrics will you use to measure its success?

Achievable: Are these goals realistic and attainable for your firm?

Relevant: Are these goals meaningful to your practice?

Timely: What’s your timeline for achieving each of them?

SMART marketing goals will help keep you focused and efficient, which is essential to keep your small firm profitable. They’ll also ensure you have real numbers to quantify how your marketing performs over time and across efforts. Once you have these objectives built, you can start developing tactics to meet and exceed them. 

Step 2: Revamp Your Website

For most potential clients, one great ad or blog isn’t enough to earn their business. After a prospect learns about your firm online, they’ll explore your website for more information—and compare what they find to local competitors.

Take a minute to review your firm’s current website. Does it offer fresh and interesting info on the latest tax topics? What about its visuals: are they clean, modern and professional? If your site is riddled with generic imagery or old articles, it’ll give the appearance that your firm is outdated—and push clients straight towards the competition. 

Your website makes a crucial impression on clients, and plenty of your digital marketing will drive prospects back to this important platform. So before you dive into creating ads or posts, make sure your website is easy to navigate and shows the best of your firm. Here’s a list of quick and easy website changes you can make today

Step 3: Choose Your Marketing Tactics

Once you’ve set strategic goals and touched base on your website, it’s time to talk marketing tactics. There are plenty of tactics your firm can use to grow online, including ads, social media, SEO marketing and more. Each approach has unique benefits—so you’ll want to choose them based on your specific marketing goals. 

To help get you started, let’s summarize two of the strongest marketing tactics for small tax firms: content and video marketing:

Content Marketing for Small Tax Firms

Content marketing is a powerful digital marketing tool for small tax firms. It involves creating and distributing consistent, relevant content to attract and retain clients. When you deliver quality content across your online accounts throughout the year, you establish yourself as a trusted tax-planning advisor for current and prospective clients alike. The result? More leads and better retention for your tax firm. 

Along with publishing timely articles to your website, you can expand your content marketing with social media posts. Social content will help position your small firm as the go-to source of tax information for clients, and make it easy for clients to share your posts with family and friends. 

Video Marketing for Small Tax Firms

Did you know that 76% of businesses report an increase in traffic thanks to video marketing? Videos are a powerful way to spread your marketing message or share insights on important tax topics. Videos perform especially well on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, so they’re a natural choice if your firm wants to grow on social media. 

Here are a few ideas to inspire the video marketing for your small tax firm

  • Discuss common filing mistakes & how to avoid them
  • Recap a handful of misconceptions on tax returns
  • Provide yearly recaps on tax changes for business clients

Step 4: Create & Deploy Your Marketing

Now that you have a list of action items, you’re ready to create your marketing assets. With enough bandwidth, your team can build all of the blogs, newsletters, website pages and videos you’ll need. But for most small and growing firms, handling 100% of that production just isn’t practical. 

Efficiency is the name of the game for small tax firms. You need to stay focused on client work to stay profitable, which doesn’t leave you much time for writing articles and shooting videos. That’s where an online marketing platform like ours can help.

Mostad Marketing Cloud offers customized client newsletters, videos and tax articles to make digital marketing easy for your small firm. We automatically post this content across your website, social media and email lists—so you can save time and concentrate on being a tax pro. Here’s a quick overview of what Mostad Marketing Cloud can offer your firm:

  • Client newsletters, videos and articles to grow your practice online
  • Automation tools to automate email campaigns and content posts
  • Weekly tax tips to keep your clients informed and engaged

Step 5: Review & Optimize Your Results

Once you have a reliable system for making and posting marketing content, you’ll need to check in on their results regularly—and make adjustments as needed. Here are a few key figures you’ll likely check:

  • Number of website visitors month by month
  • Number of visits to your website from your marketing channels
  • Number of contacts added to your email marketing system

If these results are on track with your overall marketing objectives, then keep it up! Otherwise, you can tweak aspects of your marketing that aren’t performing to improve their results, or explore new tactics that further your practice goals. 

Make Digital Marketing Easy with Mostad

If you’re interested in trying our cloud-based marketing platform for free, then be sure to schedule a personalized demonstration! Our experts can answer any questions you have on digital marketing—and show you how Mostad Marketing Cloud can benefit your small tax firm.