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Facebook is more than a tool for connecting with friends and family—it’s also a fantastic way to market your tax and accounting firm! You can use Facebook to promote your different services, nurture client relationships and increase recognition for your firm. Here’s an overview of how your firm can leverage Facebook to enhance your image and drive billable hours for your practice this year.

The Numbers Behind Facebook

There’s a reason why Facebook is one of the most effective platforms for growing a business. This social media tool has over 2.3 billion active users today—and is expected to grow even more in coming years. Studies from Pew Research Center show that over 70% of American adults use Facebook, which means a huge portion of your audience is active on the platform. 

Here are a few other Pew Research Center findings on Facebook from 2019:

  • 74% of high-income earners use Facebook
  • 52% of American adults gather news through Facebook
  • Almost 75% of Facebook users log in daily

One of the most useful things about social media for accountants is that it allows tax pros to communicate directly with prospects. Your firm can use Facebook to let current and future clients know who you are—and how your firm can help them. You should also upload your logo, contact information, videos and other content to your Facebook page to establish a more professional online presence that draws leads.

Client Reviews on Facebook

Did you know that Facebook is one of the best ways to get client reviews for your tax and accounting firm? By setting up a Facebook business page, you can start gathering more online reviews on the platform. These client stories will help you gather useful feedback—and make it easier for clients to recommend your services to others. 

Because so many people use reviews to decide which businesses to work with, it’s never been more important to build a strong list of online reviews for your tax and accounting firm. Facebook is the perfect place to encourage clients to share their experiences with your firm—and nurture a positive relationship moving forward. 

Thanks to tools like Mostad Marketing Cloud, it’s easy to automate the process of getting online reviews. Our automated email drip campaigns are a great way to gather reviews across all your online platforms and bring in new business. 

Client Referrals on Facebook

Facebook is a useful tool for gathering referrals, too. For example, a Facebook business page allows you to share referral incentives across the upcoming tax season. Just make sure your online presence is up to par: most potential clients will go online and search for your website to learn more about you. 

Here are a few strategies to help you impress those new prospects visiting you online:

  • Make sure your logo is present on your website and other online accounts.
  • List your address and office hours across each platform.
  • List your phone number, email and other contact info. 
  • Include a few professional photos of your office or staff on every platform. 

Promoting Your Firm with Facebook Posts

Posts (or status updates) are simple messages you create and post to your Facebook business page. You can use these updates to make announcements about your firm, share valuable information or provide useful advice related to your services. Facebook posts are also a perfect way to push promotions you’re running or new services you’re offering. 

Tax and accounting firms can use Facebook posts to keep current and potential clients up to speed as tax season closes in. Post messages to address any tax changes that will impact your clients—or remind people about key deadlines and steps they need to take. 

Here are a few other ways to leverage Facebook posts:

  • Post weekly tax tips to educate clients.
  • Share written or video content to promote your firm.
  • Announce new hires or news-worthy events.

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of creating and posting content for your Facebook page, then check out Mostad Marketing Cloud. Our platform gives you access to a massive pool of professionally written tax articles, which will automatically post to your social media pages and website every week. It’s a great way to engage clients online while saving you time.

Make Social Media Simple with Mostad Marketing Cloud

Want to learn more about Mostad Marketing Cloud and how it can help your tax firm thrive on Facebook and other social media? Then be sure to request a free one-on-one demo today! A dedicated marketing expert will walk you through how our platform can save you time and solve your unique digital marketing challenges. 

Last but not least, be sure to contact us for more information on social media for accountants—and what your firm can do to retain clients and grow through these online platforms. We’re happy to help.