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Benefits of marketing on LinkedIn: your firm and tax and accounting services get visibility online

Getting the right business clients for your tax and accounting firm is easier than you think. With LinkedIn, you can connect with businesses (and stay in touch) in ways you never could before. It’s also an easy way to ensure your tax and accounting firm is always visible to other businesses and professionals.

According to LinkedIn, there are more than 500 million users across the globe and 154 million American workers using LinkedIn. It’s a social platform for professionals that’s easy to use. It can help you network and be seen by other professionals and businesses needing tax and accounting services. It’s a free way of advertising your firm, your services and a way to get people to your website.

How to use LinkedIn to your advantage and get more business clients

The bigger your connection pool on LinkedIn the more people you reach – it’s as simple as that. LinkedIn also has algorithms that help recommend connections to others and show who your connections are connected to (called 2nd and 3rd connections on LinkedIn).

Be sure you already have your LinkedIn profile built and ready to go. If you don’t already have one, it’s easy to set up and get started on LinkedIn. Add the app to your smartphone so you can have it handy to add connections and new contacts. Be sure to:

  • Add new clients and potential clients to your network: Every time you meet someone they should be added to your LinkedIn network.
  • Use LinkedIn as a networking tool for prospects: Check out connections of connections on LinkedIn to scout out new business prospects. You can make introductions based on 2nd or 3rd connections and use that as a point of connection.
  • Update LinkedIn as soon as you have changes to your services or your firm: Changes can be communicated in your LinkedIn feed and will reach clients as soon as you post the update.
  • Stay up to date with your clients on LinkedIn: When your clients see that you’re engaged in their professional affairs, they know you care. LinkedIn can show an individual job change, mergers and acquisitions, re-organizations and more.

Use content to market on LinkedIn and reach a broad audience

Now that you have a large network and audience on LinkedIn, use content marketing to promote your firm. The Mostad Marketing Cloud makes this easy by providing and automatically posting relevant tax and accounting content that will promote new services for existing clients and help you reach new business clients.

Schedule a Mostad Marketing Cloud demo

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