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Optimizing your business processes in tax preseason: part 3 of 3

Tax season is just around the corner – and in the final weeks before you kick everything into full gear it’s a good idea to complete your systems check. In this blog series, we’ve talked about efficiencies in website optimization maximizing content and content marketing for your brand and website.

In the last part of this series, we’ll help you make sure you’ve got all aspects of your business ready to go as clients start coming in for appointments.

Make it as easy and simple as possible for clients to make appointments

One of the easiest ways to set a baseline for a great experience is with appointment scheduling – and the most efficient way to schedule is with a website feature that includes online and/or automatic appointment scheduling. That way, clients can decide to schedule at any time (day or night) and make updates to appointments (if necessary) during non-business hours. In addition to online scheduling, be sure to:

  • Reach out to clients with a short email about 3 to 4 weeks before your appointments start to get filled and encourage them to schedule.
  • Follow up with clients through email and make sure they’ve scheduled appointments. Let them know they can reach out to you with questions and be as reassuring as possible.
  • Give clients info about what to expect at their appointment, including how/when to share secure documents and how documents should be shared (e-sharing, printed copies, etc.)

All content can be created and scheduled to send with the help of marketing automation and cloud-based marketing tools. Marketing automation makes it easy for you to get content ready when you have time, but schedule and send it when your clients need it the most.

Let clients know what to expect from you regarding payments, file sharing, tax forms and more

Taxes and the idea of working with accountants and tax firms can be overwhelming to some. One way to improve your customer experience is to be sure you get their questions answered. That way you spend less time answering simple questions and more time working directly with your clients.

Be sure to have content ready for clients that include info on:

  • Forms and documents to bring to an appointment (digital copies and printed copies)
  • FAQs about appointments (online scheduling, rescheduling, etc.)
  • Payment requirements (installments, all at once, etc.)
  • How and when to share secure files (files with Social Security numbers, etc.)

Use your cloud-based marketing tools like Mostad Marketing Cloud to have content distributed at the right time in the tax process.

How can I get all these features on my business website?

Features like online/automatic scheduling, payment processing and secure file sharing are all available with integer websites – which are made specifically for tax and accounting professionals. Additionally, integer websites help you market the right type of content to potential and existing clients so you continuously build your business. You can request a demo of the product right on the website.

Complete your tax preseason checklist and let marketing do the work for you

Whether you’re wrapping up your tax preseason agenda or just getting started, you can start by scheduling a demonstration of Mostad Marketing Cloud website services. You’ll find features exclusive to tax and accounting professionals and can see marketing automation works for by reaching clients at the right time, with the right info.