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Many CPAs, accountants and tax professionals make a final push for clients as we dive into the peak of tax season. After all, this marks a unique time of year where business and individual clients are actively searching for your services. So if you’re looking to take advantage of this opportunity and earn new clients this tax season, this article can help! Here’s a look at three simple, efficient strategies your firm can use today to drive last-minute leads for tax season.

1. Leverage Client Referrals

Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the fastest and most powerful tools for driving tax business, especially if you’re a smaller firm. This strategy lets you attract leads through direct client referrals—and transform the trust you’ve earned with your current clientele into new business opportunities. Referrals can also help your firm connect with specific types of clients you want, like local business clients that fit your niche. Check out this in-depth guide for asking for client referrals for specifics, but here’s a general overview to get you started:

  • Ask for referrals directly and confidently
  • Tell connections exactly why you’re asking for a referral
  • Ask for an introduction & follow up with each lead
  • Consider offering small incentives for successful referrals

With tools like Mostad Marketing Cloud, it’s easy to get strong referrals for your tax firm. We offer a range of email templates to help you quickly ask for referrals from business and individual clients. Be sure to schedule a personalized demo for more info on how our platform makes marketing for accounts simple. 

2. Tap Into Your Professional Network

Current clients aren’t the only relationships you can lean on for new leads. Many of your prospective clients use other firms for services you don’t offer—like legal representation or investment advice. If you have good relationships with professionals from some of these adjacent firms, you can quickly build a small referral system that gets you both parties more business!

Lawyers, IT consultants, recruiters: these professionals are all part of a close network that ties directly to your future clients. Over the next week, touch base with these connections to remind them that you’re looking for new business—and interested in expanding your network of clients together! These local professionals are one of the fastest and more reliable ways to get in touch with new leads for this tax season.

As a tax expert, your professional network is one of your most valuable assets; that’s why it’s so essential to nurture it through year-round communication. Be sure to touch base with people from non-competitive firms you trust at least a few times each quarter—and refer clients to them when you can. This will earn you referrals in kind and keep your appointment calendar full for next year, too!

3. Promote Your Firm on Social Media

Clients use a variety of platforms to find tax help, including social media channels like Facebook. Your firm can use Facebook to increase awareness for your practice—and quickly connect with the specific types of clients your firm wants to attract. For immediate results, you’ll want to look into setting up boosted posts to attract those last-minute leads. 

Did you know that you can “boost” a post on Facebook? Anyone with a business page can pay to boost their content—which ensures it’s seen by more people. This allows you to reach a wider audience, including prospects who haven’t liked your page yet. 

Boosted posts can include images, videos or even links to your website—everything you need to build a message to attract new clients. These posts can be customized to target very specific demographics, too, based on age, location and more. Best of all, you can set whatever budget and timeframe you want for these boosted posts. They’re a great way to dip your feet into the world of Facebook advertising—and quickly earn new leads for this tax season. 

Start Earning New Leads for Your Tax Firm Today

As a growing tax firm, you don’t have time to build in-depth marketing plans to promote your practice. Thankfully, there are tons of automated tools your firm can use to streamline its digital marketing—so you can stay focused on helping your current clients instead of worrying about finding new ones. 

Mostad Marketing Cloud is a convenient platform with everything you need to engage tax clients and prospects online. We offer a variety of tools to automate and simplify marketing for accountants, including monthly targeted newsletters, fresh social media content, email templates and more. With just a few minutes of your time each month, you can grow your practice online and entice new clients to your doorstep—while staying within your budget. 

Ready to learn more about our comprehensive digital marketing platform and how it can help you drive new leads for your tax firm? Then it’s time to get started with a free personalized demo! We’ll walk you through the capabilities of our cloud-based platform to help you decide whether it’s the right choice for your firm. You can also reach out for more information on how your firm can use email marketing, tax ads and other strategies to generate new leads. We’d love to help.