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Year-round communication is key

Communication with clients year-round helps build your tax and accounting firm’s credibility, increases brand awareness and establishes long-term client retention. And communication doesn’t just mean an email here and there – it means connecting with clients in a meaningful way and marketing to them when they need advice the most.

Your clients want to see you as a trusted partner – someone who can guide them and help them to make decisions that help with cost savings and tax obligations. We’ll tell you how to use content year-round to help educate, boost credibility and gain authority by partnering with your clients.

Educate tax and accounting clients during every season

As tax and accounting professionals, we know that tax planning is a year-round endeavor. However, your clients likely see it from a different point of view. In order to shift the viewpoint from seeing taxes as a one-time thought process with a single appointment to effective tax planning throughout the year, we need to educate clients.

Educating clients with relevant tax content is a way to keep them intrigued and engaged. Relevant content could include:

  • Seasonal tax tips
  • Updates on new (and changing) tax laws
  • Tax preparation tips
  • Ways to save and minimize tax obligations

Strengthen your relationship with clients and be seen as a trusted partner

Strengthening your relationship with clients can be done in a number of ways, but one of the best ways is through communication. You want your clients to see you as someone who can guide them and help them to make decisions that help with cost savings and tax obligations. By understanding all your clients’ needs and offering the right solutions, you can establish trust and be viewed as their partner.

Focusing on growing your business with existing clients can have a bigger impact on your bottom line than focusing on achieving high volumes of clients. Even a 5 percent increase in client retention can boost your sales more than 25 percent, according to research done by Bain & Company.

Promote your services

Wondering where to list tax and accounting services? It’s simple. Your website! You should also have your services listed on your social media pages like Facebook and LinkedIn. In addition, it’s a good idea to list your services on directory listings like Yelp and Google. Be as detailed as possible, and also be sure to provide examples of how/when clients may need specific services. When in doubt, send people to your website! Be sure to include your website info on your after-hours messaging, your voicemail and more.

Remember: All articles posted across social media should link back to your website. No matter what, clients and prospective clients should end up on your website.

Increase client retention with frequent marketing communication

Unlike other industries, tax and accounting has specified busy and off-season times. So, it’s on us as tax and accounting professionals to maintain the right type of communication with clients. Here are some pointers on communication frequency:

  • Communicate with clients at least once a month: Staying in touch will ensure you stay in the forefront of clients’ minds.
  • Communicate consistently across platforms: Remember that clients consume content in many different ways (short and long form), and through different social media platforms. Include consistent messaging throughout all platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, your website, email communications and more.

Get started today

Engage in year-round communication and marketing strategy today with the Mostad Marketing Cloud. We’ll write content and automatically distribute it across social media sites, email and your website on your behalf. It’s an easy and affordable way to increase your client retention year-round.

Schedule your personalized demonstration and see what it has to offer. To read more topics about marketing tax and accounting firms and to get quick tips for building your brand and more, visit our blog.