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The world of tax and accounting marketing is changing quickly, thanks in part to the rapid evolution of technology. Let’s take a look at the top marketing trends your firm should watch in the coming year and beyond.

The Rise of Automated Marketing

IT and marketing technologies are evolving at breakneck speeds, creating new opportunities for accounting and tax firms. Today’s firms can use cloud-based digital tools to fully automate their marketing efforts—including distributing emails and tax newsletters for clients. We predict a wider adoption of these tools in 2023, as firms use automation to save time and focus more closely on meeting client demands. 

Marketing automation is a process that uses technology to streamline repetitive marketing tasks, ranging from content creation to client communication. Here are a few examples of how automated marketing can support your firm in 2023:

  • Automated email campaigns allow you to engage more clients and drive leads by putting your emails on autopilot. Automatically send timely, personalized emails for client appointment reminders, birthdays and more.
  • Scheduled social media posts let your firm automate content posts to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Save time and make social media marketing simple by scheduling posts in advance.
  • Automatic website sign-ups add clients to your targeted lists for you, taking the hassle out of client list management. 

There are many powerful marketing automation tools your firm can try for free. For example, our cloud-based marketing platform includes a free one-on-one demo to help you decide whether it’s the right choice for your practice. Do your research to see which tool works best for you!

Video Marketing Continues to Spread

Video marketing saw major success in 2022—particularly across more visually driven channels like Instagram. Considering the rising popularity of video content and video-centric platforms like YouTube, you can expect these marketing tools to become even more important for tax and accounting firms in 2023.

At its core, video marketing for tax and accounting firms is simple: you use a quick, impactful message to grab attention and attract prospects. However, there are many different types of video content that tax firms can use to engage current clients and earn new leads:

  • Video advertisements are short, visual messages used to promote your firm and its services. These can be used across a variety of online channels, including email, social media and your website. In 2023, these marketing tools will find success across platforms like Facebook—thanks to the in-depth targeting capabilities they offer. Ideal video advertisements should be 30 seconds long or less. 
  • Educational videos provide simple, actionable advice on tax and accounting topics. These marketing tools are used by tax firms to bring clients up to speed on relevant subjects, remind them of upcoming deadlines and pique interest in specific services. Educational videos perform well across a variety of channels, including social media and tax websites. Their ideal length is about 1-2 minutes. 

With automated tools like Mostad Marketing Cloud, your firm can access a massive library of tax and accounting videos—including educational videos and advertisements. These videos are a great way to keep your firm top of mind—and get prospects excited about your services. 

Niche Marketing Expands

Client niches are incredibly useful for today’s tax and accounting firms. As a firm becomes more experienced working with clients in a related industry, they become more adept and efficient at supporting similar prospects. As business communication becomes more specific and targetable, we expect the use of niche marketing to grow significantly among tax and accounting firms. 

Here are a few ways your firm can get a step ahead of the competition and establish a client niche in your local neighborhood:

Create an Industry Landing Page

Landing pages allow you to attract different types of business prospects, ranging from restaurant and medical to construction clients. They’re also easy to build on almost any CPA website template. For the best results, fill this page with content on your services that’s valuable and specific to the industry you’re targeting. 

Distribute Industry Brochures

Downloadable brochures are a useful way to outline your firm’s capabilities and present that info to specific business clients. Infuse these brochures with industry-relevant content and distribute them to expand your niche. 

Become a Local Authority

Each type of business client has unique challenges and questions on tax and accounting. By delivering smart advice on those problems through videos, accountants blogs and other client content, you’ll build a reputation as a local authority—and generate more leads in that niche. 

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