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Is your tax and accounting firm active on Nextdoor? It’s a private social media platform for local neighborhoods—and one of the best ways to connect with new clients and prospects. Let’s take a few minutes today to review how Nextdoor works, and why it’s such a powerful tool for growing your tax and accounting firm

What Is Nextdoor?

Nextdoor is a free social networking service for neighborhoods. Since 2008, people have been using the Nextdoor app to plan local events, share updates with neighbors and reach out to other community members for info and advice. App users can communicate to exchange important information—or recommendations on local businesses they trust. 

Here are a few of the most common reasons people use the Nextdoor app today:

  • Arranging groups & activities for the community
  • Selling, buying & borrowing tools and other items
  • Informing others on community updates & safety concerns
  • Searching for local businesses & services

Nextdoor is great because it helps communities stay connected in an increasingly solitary world. But this platform isn’t just for making new friends in the neighborhood; it’s also a resource your tax and accounting firm can use to attract new clients and prospects! 

Marketing for Accountants on Nextdoor

Did you know that Nextdoor users have made over 40 million business recommendations to date? How about the fact that 75% of US neighborhoods use Nextdoor? This platform can help your firm create a trusted referral network in your local area—while building stronger, more meaningful relationships with clients in your neighborhood for free. 

According to research from Nextdoor, 90% of consumers make most of their purchases within 15 minutes of their home or workplace. That’s why it’s so important to position yourself as the go-to tax and accounting firm in your neighborhood. Getting active on Nextdoor will help you stay top of mind with customers near your tax firm—and get in touch with new prospects throughout the year. 

You can actually create a Nextdoor business page for your tax and accounting firm for free. Posting information about your firm on this platform makes it easy for local prospects to find you when they search for tax help near them. You can even check recommendations submitted about your firm from your business page to see what your clients had to say!

How to Join Nextdoor

Setting up a Nextdoor business page is simple. All you have to do is follow a few quick steps to create and verify your account. If your firm is already listed on Nextdoor, all you’ll have to do is claim and update your business page. You can do this by entering the name of your firm—along with your city, state and zip code. Don’t see your firm listed? No problem; creating a new business page is a breeze, too. 

In either case, here are a few essential details you’ll want to include on your Nextdoor business page:

  • A high-quality logo (or photo) to represent your firm
  • A simple greeting message to explain what you do for clients
  • Updated contact information, including your hours, phone number & email
  • A link to your firm’s website

Congrats! Now that your Nextdoor business page is built out, you can start using it to connect with your community and drive leads for your firm. 

Getting Client Reviews on Nextdoor

Nextdoor is a great way to gather online reviews for your tax and accounting firm. On Nextdoor, reviews are called “recommendations.” Any user on the platform can submit a recommendation for your firm—which will be displayed on your business page. It’s essential to gather recommendations on Nextdoor: they build trust and help new prospects discover your firm on the platform. 

There are plenty of strategies your firm can use to gather positive recommendations (or referrals) from clients. You can start by sharing your Business Page with clients (who really like you) through email, Facebook or text. Here are some more specific tactics you can use to get glowing online referrals for your firm:

  • Be strategic: Ask your best clients—the ones who love your firm.
  • Keep it simple: Be honest & clear on what you need when asking for referrals. 
  • Get personal: Send personalized messages when asking for each referral.
  • Show appreciation: Recognize & thank clients who share their feedback.

If you want to make gathering client reviews easy for your tax and accounting firm, then be sure to check out Mostad Marketing Cloud. This powerful marketing tool can help your firm get more online reviews across Nextdoor, Google My Business and Facebook. We also make it simple to build custom referral email campaigns—and generate positive referrals for your firm. 

Connect with Your Local Community Today

If you’re ready to use Mostad Marketing Cloud to drive leads and build stronger ties in your neighborhood, then check out our free demo! This is a perfect way to try our cloud-based marketing platform and see if it’s the best fit for your team. You can also contact us with any questions you have on digital marketing for accountants—and how Nextdoor can help your firm succeed online!