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What your website actually says about your firm

We’re just hitting the upswing of tax season – which means that NOW is the time when clients and prospects will start browsing online and comparing firms. Whether your main goal this season is to retain clients or get new business (or a combo of both), you can get a head start by doing a quick website check. Your website can validate a referral or raise unwanted questions about your overall professionalism. Let’s make sure yours validates referrals and brings back repeat clients.

Make a positive first impression with a welcoming homepage

People browsing your website are more than likely to enter through the homepage. This means it’s the best place to make a good online impression. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. Your website homepage can be simple and intriguing. Remember, the homepage should clearly identify the following:

  • Firm’s name: Use your firm’s full name at the bottom of the homepage in the footer and the name you go by throughout the content. For example, use Tax Firm & Associates in the content, but add the PLLC or P.C. at the bottom so your official name is displayed at least once.
  • Firm’s location: Include a map of the location, directions to the firm and various office locations (if applicable) or a link to directions.
  • General contact info: Include a phone number or email address in a highly visible location.
  • What you do: Make the services you provide very prominent and clear on the homepage.
  • “Contact us” form: Have an easy way for visitors to contact you via the website. Use a contact form, if possible.

Logo, design and visual representation of your homepage

Add your firm’s logo to the homepage so your brand is easily identifiable. Also, using photos of your staff and/or office help people put a face to your name as soon as they’re introduced to your firm.

Remember: A clean and simple design can go a long way. Outdated websites can make it seem like your firm isn’t up to date on other aspects of the business (like new tax laws). One simple way to avoid being perceived as being behind the times is by having an updated website, including website design.

Make sure the info on your tax website is relevant

It’s important to double-check info to make sure that everything on your website is relevant. Take a look at things like:

  • Costs/preparation fees (if applicable to your website)
  • Office contact info/staff bio info
  • Phone numbers and email addresses

The more questions you can eliminate on the front end, the more time there is to focus on clients’ specific tax needs. It will also make you appear more professional and easy to work with. Consider adding a short FAQ section or separate page addressing common questions clients have, such as:

  • What should I bring to my appointment?
  • How long will my appointment be?
  • How much will it cost to file?
  • Can I file electronically?

Your website + marketing automation = brand empowerment

Marketing automation platforms like Mostad Marketing Cloud help you create and schedule messaging updates for your website. When you combine marketing automation with website content, you elevate your brand and ultimately make a better impression on clients.

Be sure to add links to your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn — as well as any other media/community involvement projects. By crosslinking to your social media profiles you also expand your online presence and make it easier for people to find your firm’s website.

If you regularly post on a blog or release white papers (or articles), marketing automation can help your website stay updated by posting fresh content when it’s ready and scheduled to send. This also lets people know you’re invested in producing relevant content for your industry.

Stay on top of new tax legislation

When you include content on new tax legislation you show your clients that you know (and understand) new tax laws. It also shows your attention to detail — letting your clients know that nothing will be overlooked when they work with you. Fresh content on your website can also help your website rank higher in search-engine results.

Use Mostad Marketing Cloud and make sure your website stands out

Use all your marketing tools to be sure your website doesn’t get lost in the search. If you aren’t already using online marketing tools, be sure to check out Mostad Marketing Cloud. It’s designed specifically for tax and accounting firms. Schedule your personalized demonstration to learn more and get started.

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