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Video marketing is one of the best ways to grab someone’s attention and help send a quick and effective marketing message. A big part of that has do do with the amount of people you can reach. YouTube has more than a billion users. And according to Forbes, more than half a billion people watch videos on Facebook on a daily basis.

So, what do you need to make sure your firm’s marketing videos have all the right elements? Let’s learn.

Choosing the right type of video content

Remember that all content isn’t created equal – and in order to make a great marketing video you need to identify an objective. Do you want to educate your clients and explain new tax laws? Do you want to build trust and establish credibility? Your content should change depending on your goals. There are many different types of marketing videos from testimonials to demo videos, but the following two types will have the most impact on your firm:

1. Video advertisement: A video advertisement is used to promote your services and firm. They can be used across the internet but the best place to use video ads are on social media sites, namely Facebook due to it’s reach and targeting capabilities. These videos should be less than 30 seconds long and bring users back to your website.

Example of a FirmVid video ad:

2. Educational videos: An educational video should explain a complicated topic or teach viewers something new. They underscore the importance and need of your firm’s services. These videos should live on your website and be 1-3 minutes in length.

Example of a TaxVid educational video:

Video time, length and quality: why it matters

Video content can be very effective, but it needs to be packaged in a way that makes it easily digestible. Here are some guidelines to follow for all marketing videos:

  • Target the right length depending on the platform: As we talked about above, social media and advertising videos need to be less than 30 seconds. Educational and/or tutorials on your website can be up to 3 minutes in length.
  • Shoot high-quality videos: Be sure to invest in the right equipment or work with Mostad Marketing Cloud to get the right quality. Remember: quality is a reflection on your firm!
  • Tell the viewer what to do at the end: Have a call to action (or CTA) at the end of every video. That way, people can contact you and get more info when they need it.

Don’t have the time or equipment to create great videos on your own?

Mostad Marketing Cloud offers both FirmVid video ads and TaxVid educational videos for tax and accounting firms. They are branded for your firm with logo and contact information and are distributed automatically across your marketing channels — making it really easy to use them!

Getting started is easy. Schedule your personalized demonstration to see what Mostad Marketing Cloud has to offer.

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