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Tax season is over and the filing numbers are in — according to the IRS, tax refunds were down by a total of $4.4 billion (yes, that’s billion with a “b”) compared to last year. With so many people receiving a smaller refund or a surprise tax bill, interest in saving in taxes is higher than ever. Here are three ways you can show your clients that your accounting firm is ready to help:

  1. Communicate your value. As you know, tax preparation is much more than sifting through documents and frantically plugging numbers into a computer for just a few months out of the year. Unfortunately, that’s exactly the perception most people have of their accountant. Forecasts, midyear check-ups and year-end adjustments are part of the year-round tax planning process that save your clients money and avoid surprises when you complete their tax return. These advantages that you provide need to be communicated to your clients.
  2. Demonstrate your expertise. As an accountant, you are selling your knowledge and expertise. To retain clients and gain referrals, your clients need to be confident in your abilities. There are two ways you can build their confidence. First, when meeting with your clients, come prepared to explain where and how you can save them money. Second, routinely offer tax tips and timely advice to show them you know your stuff and are on top of latest tax buzz.
  3. Enhance your client interaction. In today’s digital climate, reaching clients requires a multi-channel approach. In addition to connecting in-person and over the phone, email campaigns, social media posts and a dynamic website are some ways you can strengthen your connection to a client. The more your client feels engaged with your firm, the more loyalty that will develop.

Thankfully, the Mostad Marketing Cloud can help you in these areas. Our content is designed to provide quality tax articles, tips and posts in a language your client understands while making you look good at the same time! And with our automated distribution technology, on-going communication with your clients is a breeze.

Schedule a short, personalized demonstration today. And for more marketing tips and ideas for tax and accounting professionals, check out our blog.