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LinkedIn is a great way to stay connected with colleagues and prospects – but is it better to have a business profile, personal profile or both? Can I build more connections with just one account? What if I’m a solo practitioner?

We’ll walk you through the differences in accounts and why your tax and accounting firm needs both.

Do I need both a personal and business profile on LinkedIn if I’m a solo practitioner?

Yes. It’s a smart idea to have both accounts. Both serve different purposes and work together to help make your business more credible (like when you post updates or share content).

Here are the main benefits to each type of profile:

  • Personal LinkedIn profile: Your personal profile will have all of your connections that you’ve built throughout the life of your career, no matter what industry you’ve worked in. This is where you get endorsements and recommendations, and where you build your professional family. You’ll continue to build connections here, because you can’t add connections on your business profile.
  • Business LinkedIn profile: Your business profile page represents everyone in your firm (even if it’s just you). It establishes you as a legitimate business and builds credibility. It’s the best place to share content that helps market your firm, as well as updates like changes in tax laws and job postings for your firm. A business profile helps you stand out from your competitors.

How will my personal and business LinkedIn profiles work together?

These profiles work hand-in-hand. You’ll want to continue growing your personal network because you can’t add new contacts to your business profile. While doing this, you should encourage personal connections to follow your business profile page. That will be the place you post updates and content. Whenever you post anything on your business profile, you can share it to your personal page. The more shares and posts, the more visibility you get.

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