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If you’ve ever heard that content is key – it’s true. With the right content, you can build the credibility you need to be considered an ongoing expert tax resource. You want to make sure you’re using the most effective type of content when you reach out to prospective and existing clients. Why? It helps you your brand and solidifies your online reputation.

What types of online content should I use to build credibility?

Content is what helps you retain clients AND convert prospects into new clients. The best types of content to use for gaining online credibility include:

  • Website updates (both small and large): Fresh content on your website will help you rank higher in search engines like Google Bing, Yahoo! etc, so your website can get the first page of results. When your website appears on the first results page, the more likely a prospect is to explore  your website. Search engines constantly change their algorithms (or formula used for ranking websites), so the more often you add website content updates, the better.
  • Social media updates: Have updates about your firm? Or seasonal tax updates/tips? Post them to your social media sites. Nearly 80 percent of Americans now have some type of social media profile and are actively using it. Getting people’s attention on social media helps you gain traction by positioning yourself as a subject matter expert. Social media content can easily be shared creating a wider network for your firm to be exposed to.
  • Emails: Sharing content with clients and prospects via email is a great way to build creditability.  Personalizing the body and subject line of emails can increase email open rates by 20%. Emails with video content have a 200 percent higher click-through rate (meaning people will open and read/watch the content you send them).
  • Videos: Branded tax videos are one the leading conversion factors for both emails and landing/home pages on websites. Having a video on your homepage can increase the conversion of prospects to clients by up to 80 percent. Videos can also be used in conjunction with email content, newsletters and on social media sites to help establish your brand.

Fresh content helps your website rank higher in search engines

Search engines have highly complex algorithms that determine how websites are ranked. The higher your site ranks, the higher up on a search page it will land. Simply put – you want your website to be at the top of page 1 when someone is searching for a “tax and accounting firm” or “accountant” in your area.

Search engines like it when you update your website and sync your social media accounts and your website. Why? It shows that you’re active online promoting your business and make an effort to put out fresh new content. Remember that even small updates (like a few sentences on your homepage about your firm) can go a long way for improving your search results.

Don’t have enough time to write all the content? Take advantage of marketing automation

While you’re busy running a business, the last thing on your mind is taking time out of the day to create content for your website and social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. But there are ways to get content prepped and ready to use without having to take away time that could be used with clients.

The simplest way to add more content? Partner with a professional organization, like Mostad Marketing Cloud, who can develop, write, schedule and automate your content on a variety of client-facing platforms.  By leveraging prewritten content and marketing automation tools you can:

  • Send scheduled updates such as newsletters, tax tips or articles to clients when you know they’re most likely to be engaged with your content and your firm.
  • Write custom email content in advance and schedule when it will be delivered to clients. That way it doesn’t take away from client-facing time.
  • Schedule communications (like birthday emails, appointment reminders, and seasonal greetings) so clients know you value their business at all times of the year.


Get content ready and use Mostad Marketing Cloud

Already using Mostad Marketing Cloud? Great, keep it up. If you’re not, it’s time to start learning about the benefits. Schedule a personalized demonstration to take a look at how Mostad Marketing Cloud content can start increasing your firm’s growth and creditability.