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You’ve done all the prep work for tax season: your firm’s site is up to date, you’ve got a clear payment system in place, and you just pushed a new email campaign to pull some last-second leads through the door. But have you given everything your clients need to be successful when their appointments roll around? 

Client preparation is one of the most important factors for a successful (or stressful) tax season. If your clients don’t have their information put together, or don’t understand what to do with it, it’s almost impossible to deliver the service they need. So today, let’s walk through a basic checklist of steps your firm should take to prepare clients for the upcoming tax season. We’ll also be sharing a few tax preparation marketing ideas along the way, too. 

1. Create an Efficient Communication System

If you want your coming appointments to go smoothly, you’ll need to prepare clients for what to expect first. And to do that, you need a seamless way to stay in contact and deliver the right info to the right clients. That’s where tools like email templates can help. These pre-built messages are a great way to streamline your CPA email marketing and support client communication at tax time.

Start by building a basic appointment prep email for each type of client you see. Focus on communicating exactly which documents they’ll need to bring to their appointment, like wage statements or federal and state tax returns. What you’re doing here is building a very basic checklist of items your clients will need to gather and bring to their appointment.

Once those prep emails are complete, all you have to do is send them to the appropriate clients! This system is a great way to save time and keep all of your clients on the same page leading into busy season. You can also use tools like Mostad Marketing Cloud to fully automate your CPA email marketing. Our platform includes a range of pre-written email templates for personalized messages, thank-you notes and more, so you won’t have to stress over building them yourself. 

2. Send Appointment & Payment Reminders

Appointment reminders are one of the best ways to reduce no-shows or last-minute cancellations—and boost your profitability this tax season. Life gets busy, especially for your larger clients. So keep them up to speed on when they’re appointment is coming up. You can send these off manually, but there are also super-simple tools to automate your appointment reminders, too. 

Along with appointment reminders, be sure to communicate all the payment info clients need in advance. Sending an email on how much your services will cost and how they can pay beforehand will save you a world of trouble later down the road—while ensuring your clients aren’t caught off guard. It’s also important to express when exactly the bill will be due prior to the appointment. You can present all of this payment information with a simple email a few weeks before their appointment. 

3. Share Relevant Insights in Advance

The world of tax and accounting is complicated. And oftentimes, it’s worth sharing some educational content with clients before they come in—especially if you’ll be covering new or updated tax subjects. A choice article that’s well written and relevant to your clients will help them stay engaged and well-informed.

Educational videos are another fast and effective way to prepare your clients for tax season. Use these visual stories to explain a complex topic many of your clients could struggle with—or give an overview of something new you’ll be discussing across appointments. Here are some tips on tax-themed videos to get you started. 

You can produce this content yourself to share with clients—or use tools like Mostad Marketing Cloud to take the whole process off your hands. Our platform features an entire library of educational articles and videos across a range of topics, including retirement, business tax highlights, specific tax terms and more. Use this valuable content to prep clients before their appointments, then post it on your website to spark future online leads!

4. Following up With Clients

The points above will set you and your clients on track for a successful tax season. But we’d be remiss not to mention the importance of following through. After each appointment, send a personalized thank you message to clients—along with any additional information they need. 

This is also the perfect opportunity to ask for an online review while your firm is still top of mind. Reviews on your Facebook or Google My Business will build trust in your brand, and make it easier for local prospects to find and choose your services. Google reviews will even help you rank higher in online search results, which earns you more business year-round!

Soliciting online reviews is just one example of the many tax preparation marketing ideas your firm can use to grow throughout the year. Take advantage of the hard work you put in this tax season to ask for referrals as well! You can request these in person after each appointment—or use a tool like Mostad Marketing Cloud to save time. Our platform makes it easy to build and schedule email campaigns for client reviews and referrals.

Make Tax Season Easy for Your Clients

If you’d like to learn more about Mostad Marketing Cloud and how it can support your practice, then sign up today for a free one-on-one demo! We’ll connect you with a dedicated marketing expert to walk through the features of our platform and answer any questions you might have. You can also reach out for more specifics on how to keep your clients prepared before and during tax season.