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Support Your Tax Clients

Demonstrate your expertise with sharp, thoughtful and relevant content.

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Show Your Knowledge

Keep clients updated on tax topics they care about, while decoding all the jargon.

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Pique Interest & Curiosity

Get clients curious about various tax topics – and keep your firm top of mind.

Our Tax & Accounting Articles

Delivering fresh, well-written content that your audience values will help your firm support clients, while keeping your firm top of mind. Here’s an overview of the different types of tax and accounting articles available on the Mostad Marketing Cloud:

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This Year in Taxes

Covers important updates across the current tax year, including key tax amounts and yearly income phaseout levels.

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Individual Tax

Articles for individual tax clients, including content on deductions, non-taxable income and more.

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Your Money

Includes info on financial basics and decision-making, including rental real estate, credit reports and the time value of money.

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Includes insights and advice on avoiding identity theft and other forms of fraud.

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For Your Business

Articles on tax challenges and opportunities for business clients, including financing growth, bank loans and partnership decisions.

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The Basics: FAQ

Explores frequently asked questions on basic financial concepts and tax terms, including investing, retirement and bartering.

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Articles on financial planning for clients, including content on retirement, AGI, early withdrawal penalties and more.

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In the News

Recaps newsworthy updates and events in the world of tax and accounting, including shifts in tax legislation and new tax-saving opportunities.

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The Audit

Covers basic advice on navigating the various causes and types of IRS audits.

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Put Your Client Content to Work

Posting engaging articles to your website and online channels is the perfect way to provide more value for clients—while piquing their interest in your services. We make this process easy by automatically publishing articles to your website, then promoting them through your social media accounts and email.

This content leads clients and prospects back to your website, driving more billable hours for your practice.

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Email articles to engage and attract different types of clients.

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Social Media

Post articles on your social media to drive clients and prospects to your website.

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Publish articles to your website to engage current and future clients.

Here’s what Our Customers Are Saying

Want to save time and get better results for your tax and accounting firm? Then let’s get going!

I have been a Mostad customer for many years and during that time my firm has received many complements from our clients regarding the quality and content your monthly newsletter. Thank you and keep up the good work!

Larry, MD

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Tax Articles Are A Powerful Marketing Tool For Your Practice.

High-quality content helps your tax and accounting firm grow online—and deliver greater value to current clients. But it’s tough to focus on writing articles when you’re swamped with client work. That’s where Mostad Marketing Cloud can help. Our platform includes a constantly growing library of articles—written and reviewed by experienced CPAs. We take all the heavy lifting out of your marketing by writing and publishing content for you, so you can stay focused on billable hours and helping your clients.

Our article library features over 400 pieces on business tax, individual tax, financial planning and more. You have complete control over which articles get published—and can even email them to specific clients instead of your entire client list. We also make it easy to share these articles across your social media accounts with automated posts.